We all are Actors!!

If you're faded with all of your daily life routine. If you feel like you're trapped inside your life and unable to give your's best. Then always remind that you are just playing your part as a actor.   Don't get panic by thinking too much about the occurrence of your life. See your life … Continue reading We all are Actors!!

चाँद और रोशनी।

हमने तो उससे माँगी थी रोशनी उसने तो हमें चाँद ही दे दिया, खुश हुए थे बहुत हम उसे पाकर हमें लगा जैसे हमारी जिंदगी में अंधेरा ही न रहा। लोगों ने कहा हमें कि हर चाँद में दाग होता हैं, हमने कहा कि यह चाँद खुदा ने हमे बेदाग दिया हैं। हर कदम पे वह … Continue reading चाँद और रोशनी।

Life is a Beautiful Song

Life is a beautiful song Sung it's every bit and all, Sometimes you will go offbeat doesn't matter start again it all.... Now it's time to sing a sad song but one day you will sung with pleasure don't loose hope there always a dawn after every eve all you have to do is just … Continue reading Life is a Beautiful Song