Poem (Hindi)


जिसे पाने की दिल में कोई तमन्ना ही न थी, उसको खोने का आज हमको ये ग़म कैसा।। वो कहते है हमसे तुम इसके काबिल ही न थे, ईल्म उनको हमारी काबीलियत का कैसा।।

poem (english)


My words like sword My eyes like hell I can tear you apart I can burn you out, You will become victim of my anger If I loose my temper. I will lash you out like a thunder bolt I will knock you down like a punching bag, Then I pull you up and knock… Continue reading Revenge!



नजरों में उनकी प्यार तो होगा हमें देखने का इंतजार तो होगा, बेसब़र हो रही हैं फिजायें सारी आज वर्षों बाद हमें भी  उनका दिदार जो होगा। ©COPYRIGHT 2018 All rights reserved to Writomaniacs.

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Alone (Fiction)

It's three years passed when I had decided to live alone. From quieting my friends to maintain distance from my relatives. Everything was wonderful, life was going smoothly. I was no more witness to their disturbances. I got a chance to meet me, I learn to enjoy my own company. By doing all this I… Continue reading Alone (Fiction)