Random thoughts

Alone (Fiction)

It’s three years passed when I had decided to live alone. From quieting my friends to maintain distance from my relatives.
Everything was wonderful, life was going smoothly. I was no more witness to their disturbances.
I got a chance to meet me, I learn to enjoy my own company.
By doing all this I realized that I really became alone.
Now no one really cares for me.
It’s true people will behave same as you will behave with them.
OK, it’s true I don’t want to be alone.
But it happened somehow I really didn’t tried for it.
Slowly I loosed my faith in people around me.
But even after maintaining distances,
I’m unable to restrict them from interfering in my life.
It’s true I have lot’s of problems in my life.
But didn’t think so I was depressed at any point.
Now I realize that you can’t keep yourself alone for forever.
There comes a time when you need some friends to rely upon.
Sooner or later you realizes that you can’t live your life without those silly friends…….


All rights reserved to Writomaniacs.

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