Poem (Hindi)

सत्य कि तलाश

जब कभी खुद को अकेला पाया चारों ओर सन्नाटा घना अँधेरा पाया, मन में बस एक ही विचार आया कौन है वो जिसने मुझे बनाया, अगर उसने मुझे बनाया तो दुखों के साथ क्यों बनाया। यकि नहीं होता कि एक दिन मैं मरुँगा, क्या मेरे अंदर भी कोई आत्मा हैं कभी महसूस नहीं होता, फिर… Continue reading सत्य कि तलाश

poem (english)


My words like sword My eyes like hell I can tear you apart I can burn you out, You will become victim of my anger If I loose my temper. I will lash you out like a thunder bolt I will knock you down like a punching bag, Then I pull you up and knock… Continue reading Revenge!

Random thoughts

Alone (Fiction)

It's three years passed when I had decided to live alone. From quieting my friends to maintain distance from my relatives. Everything was wonderful, life was going smoothly. I was no more witness to their disturbances. I got a chance to meet me, I learn to enjoy my own company. By doing all this I… Continue reading Alone (Fiction)

Poem (Hindi)

नहीं कोई मजा यूँ…

नहीं कोई मजा यूँ मंजिलो को पाने में जब रास्ते सीधे हो और मंजिल सामने, मजा तो तब है जब रास्ते उलझे हुए हो और मंजिले धुमिल, नहीं कोई मजा यूँ जिंदगी जीने में जब न हो कोई मुश्किले और न कोई खिलाफ, मजा तो तब है जब जिंदगी में हो मुश्किल अनेक और एक… Continue reading नहीं कोई मजा यूँ…

poem (english)


  You're veritable  other's lying, You pushed me other's pull back, You're the one  who forever with me, Everyone else's  merely get along & faded. You teaches me  to utilize time, Else's victimized me timely. You lightened my path Other's obliterated my dreams, You'd given me another chance They snatched my maiden opportunity. Who are you?… Continue reading Conscience…

poem (english)


Streaking firmly Frightened and panicky inwardly, looking for a breather As lacking it all, He is in the chaos Chaos of this world, Embarked with a dream to come first now he just want to cease it somehow, doesn't matter how often he suffers he didn't feel it all as he had suffered a lot… Continue reading Perception

Poem (Hindi)

चाँद और रोशनी।

  हमने तो उससे माँगी थी रोशनी उसने तो हमें चाँद ही दे दिया, खुश हुए थे बहुत हम उसे पाकर हमें लगा जैसे हमारी जिंदगी में अंधेरा ही न रहा। लोगों ने कहा हमें कि हर चाँद में दाग होता हैं, हमने कहा कि यह चाँद खुदा ने हमे बेदाग दिया हैं। हर कदम पे… Continue reading चाँद और रोशनी।

poem (english)

Life is a Beautiful Song

  Life is a beautiful song Sung it's every bit and all, Sometimes you will go offbeat doesn't matter start again it all.... Now it's time to sing a sad song but one day you will sung with pleasure don't loose hope there always a dawn after every eve all you have to do is… Continue reading Life is a Beautiful Song


#Quote Challenge (3. Secrets)

Now a days, we all are so lonely from inside. No matter how many friends has surrounded you but a feeling of loneliness will always remains with you. And in this condition if you find a person who is taking interest in you and your story then you don't hesitate to tell your substandard secrets to that particular person without… Continue reading #Quote Challenge (3. Secrets)

poem (english)

Mother in the child Eye!!!

Sometimes she make me cry Otherwise satiate me with joy, Who is She? One who always with me in my each and every decisiveness, Often she looks hard but holds a soft heart, She abide a lot, but never say inauspicious at all, Who is She? One Who never peeved of me at all. Those… Continue reading Mother in the child Eye!!!

Poem (Hindi)


कभी रुलाती है वो तो कभी हॅंसाती है वो, कौन है वो ? जो पग-पग पर मेरा साथ निभाती है, कठोर बनकर दिखाती है वो अंदर से कोमल नजर अाती है वो, लबों पर कभी उसके बददुआ नहीं होती, कौन हे वो ? जो मुझसे खफा नहीं होती। धन्य है वो, जो पा ले उसका प्यार,… Continue reading माँ

poem (english)

Child With A Childish Attitude

  I'm a child with a childish attitude, Don't know the matter what's going on. I often laugh but never talk everyone seems to be like a alien to me, talking to me unremittingly knowing that I will not respond, I ever try to interpret but failed again and again looks like a life to… Continue reading Child With A Childish Attitude

poem (english)

Looking with the inner eyes!!!

I ever perceived this world With two beautiful eyes, I beheld the People becoming Old, visualized them to die. I ever hark at the radiant Sunrise, Also spotted the Refulgent Sunset. People will come and go But few legends have their mark. Though I Sets my eye on radiant light coming deeper inside. It's not what… Continue reading Looking with the inner eyes!!!

poem (english)

A World Inside Me!

We just continuously  run throughout our life in search of more money and more comfort. But always their comes a time when you didn't feel satisfied and happy even after achieving the most precious goals of your life. You just feel alone even in rush of people. Now Congratulations, there comes the time to meet… Continue reading A World Inside Me!