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We all are Actors!!


If you’re faded with all of your daily life routine. If you feel like you’re trapped inside your life and unable to give your best shot. Then always remember that you are just playing your part as a actor.


Don’t get panic by thinking too much about the occurrence of your life. See your life as a movie and yourself as a actor in a lead role. All you have to do that try to do justice with your role and make your life blockbuster.


As this movie is yours life so, you’re free to choose whether you’re going to be a lead hero or a lead villain. The choice is yours”.

Every person who have ever influenced your life at any point are part of this movie. Some have a strong appearance like your parent’s, relatives and friends etc. Others have guest appearance like a person you met in a local train or a bus stop.

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All the heroes and villains of your life are just playing their respective roles. So, if any villain of your life make you feel ill then you have to handle them as a hero instead of thinking to be a villain (if you try it then it can cause an imbalance in your movie).


Who can forget the words of Shakespeare “All the world’s a stage, and all women and men are merely players. They have their exits and entrances, and one men in his time plays many parts”.

See yourself as a actor –
Whether it’s a sad time or a happy moment, always remember none of these remain forever. Don’t indulge yourself in your part too much that you start feeling it all reality.
Yes, as we watch a movie we feel every emotions during the watching but at the end everything becomes normal. The same will happen to us when your movie get completed you have to leave the character and wait looking for a new movie to start.

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If we’re actors then who is the director?

None other than the creator of this universe( God). You can call him with any name but he is one and always be. He is director of every life.

If you’re struggling to plot your character in your movie.
If you’re unable to control your life.
If you try hard but didn’t get the expected results.
If you’ve lost all your hopes.

Then, just remember one thing WE ALL ARE ACTORS, and we have to give our best to perform our roles and be honest whatever we have to perform. And if at some point you feel things are out of your control then leave it on the director as he better knows how to make the movie interesting.!!

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